Paying a visit to shrines and temples to pray for happiness on New Year's Day




Every New Year, people will go to the temple or the shrine to acquire a fortune.There are many various types’ of fortunes that can be received through eating and having Japanese amulets.Now, we will introduce the temple around Kyoto Station for example: Fushimi Inari and Sennyu Temple. On this adventure we hope you are able to experience good fortune.



1Fushimi Inari kandakara-jinja Shrine

Thorough the Thousand Shinto gates of the Inaritaisha you can find the Shrine which is related to Dragons.

  • Address:Kyoto shi Fusimi ku Hukakusasasayama chou 15
  • Time:Anytime, Shrine office 8:00~17:00
  • Access:JR NARA line “INARI”station. KEIHAN “HUSIMIINARI”station 15 min from the station by foot


This street is known for souvenir shopping and eating.

3Sohonke Hougyoku-dou

It’s famously known as “INARI SENBEI”. White MISO and GOMA are used to make the special SENBEI

  • Address:Fukakusaichinotsubo-cho, 27, Fushimi-ku,Kyoto
  • Open:7:30~19:00 open seven days a week
  • Access:a 5-minute walk from JR Nara Line "Inari" station,Keihan Main Line "Fushimi Inari" station get off soon


It is believed to purify your mind and your body, you copy the SHAKYOU (a copy of the sutra). To do this, there is a copy of the sutra and a blank paper. You have to copy the sutra on the blank paper by hand to be purified.

  • Address:Fukakusaichinotsubo-cho, 27, Fushimi-ku,Kyoto
  • Open:7:30 to 19:00 Closed
  • Access:5-minute walk from JR Nara Line "Inari" station,Keihan Main Line "Fushimi Inari" station get off soon
  • Website:

5Kyoto station

Around Kyoto station, there are many traditional and historical stores.

6YAGI Buddhist altar fittings store

Established in 1790. Custom-made Juzu (bracelet worn by Buddhist). You can find the Juzu bracelet here.

  • Address:Kamijuzuya-cho Karasuma dori 324, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
  • Open:10:30〜17:00
  • Holiday:Thursday
  • Access:an 8-minute walk from JR "Kyoto" Station Karasuma Central Exit
  • Website:

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